The Mediating Effects of Brand Preference to Customer Satisfaction

Jasin Mochammad, Dytta Novrianda, P.Astuti, C.C. Widayati, A.Z.Arifin


The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of  brand preference to customer satisfaction (advertiser). Samples consists of one hundred and  twenty persons of decision makers of government advertisemen programs in various government agencies and state owned companies. Data was collected by using self-completed questionnaire. Structural Equation Modelling used to analyze the indicator variables, latent variables and measurement error variables  to determine of causal brand awareness, brand association, brand extension, perceived quality to customer satisfaction through  brand preference of Sindo Media (MNC Group). The finding reveals a significant influence on mediated variables. While Brand awareness, Brand association, Brand extension, Perceived quality, has a significant influence on customer satisfaction. That means Brand preference has significant influence to customer satisfaction.   


Brand Awareness, Brand Association, Brand Extension, Perceived Quality, Brand Preference dan Customer Satisfaction.

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