DAMPAK URBANISASI BAGI PEMBANGUNAN MANUSIA 2010-2016 Studi Kasus: Jakarta, Surabaya dan Medan

Iwan Prasodjo


This article discusses the effect of urbanization on Human Development Index during 2010-16. It shows that Jakarta has the highest population growth and Gross Domestic Regional Product. However, Surabaya has the highest Human Development Index. Eventhough,  Jakarta, with the highest  Gross Domestic Regional Product,  does not indicate the highest Human Development Index. On the other hand, Medan has the lowest Gross Domestic Regional Product.  Not only Medan has  the lowest  Gross Domestic Regional Product, but also it has the lowest Human Development Index.


Urbanization, Gross Domestic Regional Product, Human Development Index.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24912/je.v23i3.415


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